My name is Bella Sherban.

The reason why my brand bears the exact name as mine is that I put all my love, dedication and passion into the creative process.

Each and every piece comes out of my hands and carries a fragment of my soul.

My encounter with fashion happened at the beginning of this millennium when I was a little girl.

I grew up in a creative whirlwind around my mother’s business and hobbies – clothes, fabrics, designs, tailors’ ateliers, handmade jewelry, and passion.

These childhood experiences left a significant impression on me: despite leaning towards an acting career, dreaming of Hollywood, and being in the spotlight, my inner voice was telling me fashion was my true calling. One thing led to another, and I soon found myself living in Milan, following my dream at the iconic Istituto Marangoni. It wasn't long before I heard my inner voice again: this time, it was telling me to craft my own creative project and follow my heart."

I made the brave decision to drop out of university and pursue my vision for art and design. I headed back to my home country Bulgaria. I had a hunch that, connected to my roots, my creativity would flow very differently and better, and I’d feel more in sync with my true feelings.

Destiny was with me on this one and soon after going back to Bulgaria, I received an unexpected offer to get my own shop. At first I hesitated and felt reluctant to jump in… but again, I took a leap of faith and said, “let’s do it”. This was in 2018.

The journey in the past five years has been exciting, intriguing and long!

Overtime, I switched to working with precious stones and metals only. Today, you are able to pick from diamonds, sapphire, granite, pearls, ruby and more, paired with gold or silver.

All my pieces embody the divine feminine duplicity; they are timeless, yet stylish; fragile, yet unbreakable; they can leave you speechless, yet inspire you to look within for deeper words.