Ring size guide

Finding the perfect ring size is essential to ensure a comfortable fit and showcase your jewelry in all its glory. We have created a complete guide to help you accurately determine your ring size. Read on to discover the best methods and tips for finding your ideal fit.

Measuring an existing ring

One convenient way to determine your ring size is by measuring an existing ring that fits your desired finger perfectly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select a ring that comfortably sits on the finger you intend to wear the new ring on.
  • Using a ruler, measure the internal diameter of the ring in millimeters.
  • Refer to the provided chart to find your corresponding ring size.

Measuring your finger directly

If you don’t have an existing ring to measure, you can measure your finger directly with these simple steps:

  • Take a strip of paper and wrap it around the finger you’re planning on wearing the ring.
  • Ensure that the paper is snugly wrapped around your finger, aiming for a tight fit.
  • Mark the point where the ends meet and carefully measure the distance using a ruler ( in millimeters )
  • Refer to the provided chart to find your corresponding ring size.

Ring size guide

Find your size in the table below or download the guide.

Download "Ring size guide.pdf"
USA Size EU Size Circumference mm Diameter mm
3 1/444.844.814.27
3 1/245.545.514.48
3 3/446.146.114.68
4 1/447.447.415.09
4 1/
4 3/448.748.715.49
5 1/450.050.015.90
5 1/250.650.616.10
5 3/451.251.216.31
6 1/452.552.516.71
6 1/
6 3/453.853.817.12
7 1/455.155.117.53
7 1/255.755.717.73
7 3/456.356.317.93
8 1/457.657.618.34
8 1/258.358.318.54
8 3/458.958.918.75
9 1/460.260.219.15
9 1/260.860.819.35
9 3/461.461.419.56
10 1/462.762.719.96
10 1/263.463.420.17
10 3/464.064.020.37

Tips And Tricks for precise measurements

  • Measure your fingers at the ends of the day when they are naturally at their largest size.
  • Take into account that cold weather can cause slight finger shrinkage, so it’s best to measure when your finger are warm.
  • If you find yourself in between two sizes, it’s advisable to choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

By following these guidelines, you can easily determine your perfect ring size. So go ahead and measure with precision, and get ready to wear your stunning rings with confidence.